We are Gábor ,,Hirundo" Fehér and Máté ,,Gallus" Palágyi two loud birds from Miskolc, Eastern Hungary.

Two musicians Gallus and HirundoTwo musicians Gallus and Hirundo

Our mission is to make young musicians aware of their own folk traditions and show this exceptional heritage in Hungary and abroad. Our aim is to nurture emergint and well-known talents and to channel new initiatives into the global world music scene.

Our management has been helping the professional and business development of Hungarian world and folk music orchestras for ten years. Since our foundation, we have conducted more than 30 international tours and are in constant contact with many world music publishers and advocacy groups in Asia, America and Europe.

Our references:

  • Concrete and Grass - MainStage (CN)
  • Vina Rock - MainStage (ES)
  • Sziget - MainStage (HU)
  • Zandari Festa (KR)
  • Shibuya - Lush (JP)
  • Boomtown Fair (GB)
  • Lowlands (NL)
  • GlobalFest (USA)
colorful flower drawingcolorful flower drawingcolorful flower drawingcolorful flower drawingcolorful flower drawing

Contact us, if you feel the vibration of our Hungarian folk music!


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