Napfonat new release on streaming platforms

Napfonat has released their first studio LP

Napfonat is an energetic female a cappella band. Five voices that join in a powerful polyphonic braid of sound, supported by percussion instruments, amounting to something greater than the sum of its parts.
Their debut album Szól a Világ is an exciting journey through styles, cultures and human stories. Napfonat looks for the wisdom that all folk cultures share – their first album is ripe with the bravery and intimacy of soul searching.
Napfonat is Kriszti Farkas (Volkova), Heni Szalay, Anita Szarka, Eszter Tóth and Orsi Tóth. They reach out to each other, to their audience and to the deeper truths of life through song – each a polyphonic investigation of truth and beauty, fear, longing, and desire.


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